Getting ready to earn your driver’s license in Ontario, Ajax, might feel a bit tough. But don’t stress! We’ve put together a simple guide to help you prepare for your test. This guide gives you step-by-step advice, useful tips, and the key things you’ll need to pass with flying colors. Whether you’re just starting out or getting your license renewed, let’s work through this exciting journey together and help you nail your driving test!

How to Prepare for Your Driving Test in Canada? 

Starting your journey to learn driving is sure to fill you with excitement. All the time you practice in your car and learn new road rules will take you a step closer to the freedom a driving license brings. If you’re in Canada, you could have an even easier time learning. How? Join a good driving school, like the Next Gen Driving School (NGDS) in Ontario. It could give you a big head start!

So, what’s in this blog post for you? We’ve got a really simple guide to help you get ready for your driving test. We’ve put it together using ideas that work well at NGDS. The guide is straight and smooth, just like the road you’ll drive on when you pass your test! From one point to the next, each part of the guide is linked together to make your learning journey easy.

1: Start with the Basics

Alright, let’s begin by understanding what you’re getting into. Your first stop? Get yourself a Driver’s Handbook. It’s pretty easy – you can find it at any bookstore, convenience store, or even at a Motor Transport Office nearby. 

Once you’ve got it, read it from front to back. This will help you learn all the basic traffic rules and safety tips you need for being a good driver. It’s just like learning the A-B-C’s before you start reading!

2: Enroll in An Approved Driving Course

This is where professional driving lessons Ontario can really help. Make sure to pick the right driving program that matches what you need. NGDS provides lots of plans, from the simple Basic Plan to the all-inclusive Golden Plan. Just like how you’d pick the right-sized ice cream cone on a hot sunny day!

If you’re in Ajax, considering driving lessons in Ajax can be convenient. These driving courses help you understand traffic rules, practice effective driving skills, and prepare for the actual driving test.

3: Obtain Your G1 License

After turning 16, you become eligible to apply for a G1 licence. A written G1 exam tests your theoretical understanding of Ontario’s road rules and regulations. Earn your G1 license by paying the required CAD 160.00 and presenting two pieces of valid ID. With your G1 license, you can start getting behind the wheel, gaining practical experience.

4: Follow G1 License Requirements

While holding a G1 license, there are specific requirements you need to meet. You must always be accompanied by a G-class driver with at least four years of experience and a blood alcohol level below 0.05. Additionally, you’re prohibited from driving between midnight and 5 am and on highways with speed limits over 80km/h unless accompanied by a licensed driving instructor.

5: Driving Test Practice

One of the best ways to prepare for your driving test is, unsurprisingly, practicing driving. Consistently practice your newly gained driving knowledge and skills. 

It isn’t just about in-car practice, though; frequent revisiting of the Driver’s Handbook can be crucial. Driving test practice is about reinforcing good habits, preparing for the scenarios you might find on the test, and gaining confidence.

6: Leverage the Mini Packages

NGDS offers G2 and G class mini packages designed for candidates that meet specific requirements. These packages offer minimal in-car hours, highlighting the key elements of driving test practice. The tailored session can be a final touch-up before your driving test that will help you iron out any mistakes or doubts.

7: Schedule Your G2 License Road Test

After a minimum of eight months of driving practice (if you attended an MTO-approved driving course, like NGDS’s programs) or 12 months (with no course completion), you can schedule your first road test. This G2 test allows you to drive without an accompanying driver and expand your driving horizons.

8: Pass the Test, Advance to the G2 License Level

Passing your G2 level is a testament to your theoretical knowledge transposed into real-world practical driving skills. This milestone signifies that you’ve made great strides in your earning that full-privilege driving license.

9: Practice As a G2 Driver

This level grants you more driving freedom, but some conditions still apply. Remember to stay responsible on the road, abiding by all G2 conditions, such as maintaining a blood alcohol level of 0.00 and not carrying more passengers than seat belts. Driving lessons in Ontario often simmer down to these little details that matter the most.

10: Schedule and Pass Your G License Test

After a minimum 12 months at the G2 level, you’re eligible for the full-privilege G license test. This exam tests your advanced driving skills. Passing this test means you’ve successfully transformed into a fully-fledged driver with the privilege to drive unconditionally in Ontario.


Hooray! You’ve made it through the well-organized process of getting your driving license in Ontario. Keep in mind that the steps we shared are a guide, and everyone’s journey might be a bit different. It’s your hard work, practice, following the rules, and choosing a great driving school like NGDS that will smoothen the road for you. 

And always remember, you’re not only driving for yourself but also sharing the road with others. So play it safe, be responsible, and have fun on your driving adventures!