Mastering defensive driving techniques are required to adopt an active approach to road safety and protection. Given below are some important techniques.

1. Remain Attentive and Prevent Interruption

Always be attentive of your surroundings on the road. Your phone must be switched off while driving. Do not involve yourself in such activities which can divert your attention. Prepare yourself and respond according to the behavior of other drivers on the road.

2. Guidelines and Instructions for Defensive Driving

  • Follow the speed limits according to road conditions, weather and traffic.
  • Use indicators for lane changings so that the other drivers can know about your intentions. 
  • Use brake and accelerate efficiently to avoid any accident.
  • Always use seatbelts to prevent sudden braking or acceleration and ensure all passengers do too.
  • For defensive driving it is important to check mirrors constantly to know about the vehicles around you.
  • Follow the proper lane discipline by staying in your lane.
  • There should be enough space in front of your vehicle in case of any sudden brakes or for unforeseen weather conditions like rain or snow.

3.Identify Blind Spots & Use GPS

Be attentive and check your vehicle’s blind spots when changing lanes by turning your head. Use GPS if needed to determine the position and it will also help to minimize fuel costs.

4. Relax and Avoid Exhaustion

Before driving, make sure that you have had sufficient sleep or rest. You should remain peaceful and prevent violent behavior. Give respect to other drivers, even if they don’t respond.

5.Get Training of Courses for Defensive Driving

Defensive driving courses are very helpful to develop or enhance your abilities. For such courses, the best recommendation is the Driving Training school in Ajax, Ontario. It is the top driving school in Ontario. By getting training of such courses, one can be more practical and organized to handle the sudden situations and to decrease the risk of accidents.