Ontario’s Graduated Licensing System (GLS) is designed to ensure new drivers gain the necessary skills and experience gradually before obtaining full driving privileges. It is a multi-stage process that allows individuals to progress from beginner to experienced driver over time, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting road safety.

G1 License The Beginner’s Step

To start the journey towards a full driver’s license in Ontario, individuals must first obtain a G1 license. Eligibility for the G1 license includes being at least 16 years old, passing a written test on traffic rules and road signs, and passing a vision test. Once obtained, the G1 license comes with several restrictions, such as prohibiting driving alone, driving on 400-series highways, and having a zero blood alcohol level while driving.

G2 License The Intermediate Stage

After holding a G1 license for a minimum of 12 months and passing a road test, drivers can progress to the G2 stage. The G2 license allows more freedom, such as driving without a fully licensed driver in the car (though restrictions still apply to the number of passengers and blood alcohol level). Additionally, G2 drivers are permitted to drive on highways and expressways, providing them with valuable experience in various driving conditions.

Full G License The Final Stage

The final step in Ontario’s GLS is obtaining a full G license. To qualify for this stage, drivers must pass a final road test after holding a G2 license for at least 12 months. With a full G license, individuals have unrestricted driving privileges and are considered fully licensed drivers in Ontario.

Importance of Professional Driving Education

While the GLS provides a structured framework for new drivers, professional driving education plays a crucial role in ensuring safe and responsible driving habits. Driving schools in Ontario offer comprehensive courses that cover essential skills, defensive driving techniques, and road safety awareness. When choosing the best driving school in Ontario, it’s essential to consider factors such as instructor qualifications, course curriculum, and student feedback.


Ontario’s Graduated Licensing System is an effective way to prepare new drivers for the responsibilities of being on the road. By gradually introducing driving privileges and emphasizing the importance of education and experience, the GLS contributes to safer roads and reduces the likelihood of accidents.