Traffic control forces confessed that there are increased risks of several deaths and accidents in Australia during night driving. According to the research, road accidents and death rates are three times greater at night than during the day.

Most of the drivers are unconscious of the challenges of driving at night, and they feel safe while driving in less traffic. It’s a challenge driving at night without knowing the safety tips and proper training. Winter season is almost here, holidays too. It is the most suitable time to get driving lessons for winter because the sun sets almost at 5 pm and you’ll have more time to practice on the road. You may join the driving school near Durham to get the proper training on all types of driving conditions.

Tips for Night Driving experience

Beginners should be motivated to drive as much as possible in diverse driving conditions and winter nights are the best to learn driving.

Below are the tips to follow during night driving:

Check all the lights:

As the darkness reduces the visibility, drivers should be careful about checking the lights. Make sure that all the headlights and window panes are clean. It will enhance the visibility from both inside and outside of the car.

Use High Beams

It is advised to the drivers to use high beams while driving at night on an empty road with no street lights. Drivers use high beams to see further ahead at night to avoid road accidents. In rural Australia, it is mandatory to use your high beams at night because citizens have to deal with animals roaming across the road. Remember, dim the high beams or avoid using them when you’re behind the other drivers. Mostly, drivers are unaware of the safety tips and instructions they should follow in all kinds of circumstances to be safe. Durham driving schools provide the most beneficial training to the drivers that will help them in the future. Driving instructors from Durham driving schools ensure that the top concern of the trainees should be driving safely by following all the traffic rules and driving lessons they’ve been learning.

Be Calm, Especially During Rush Hour

Be patient and responsible always while driving, especially in rush hour. Don’t be in a hurry or stressed. Remember, everyone wants to go home earlier. Being aggressive and impatient while driving causes road rage and makes things worse for you and other drivers. Do not respond to the drivers who are being unpleasant to you or try to cut you off. Avoid distractions and reach home safely.

Be Attentive, don’t be Heavy-Eyed

Being sleepy when you’re driving puts you and other’s lives in danger. Get enough sleep before getting behind the wheel, especially when you’re going on long trips. According to the research, drivers feel dizziness from 2 am-6 am, and as the night begins, turn on the lights and walk around when you start feeling dizziness. If you’ve to travel at night, take a good nap before you take off.

Though, the winter season comes up with all sorts of circumstances: shorter and cooler nights, snowy roads, freezing rain that makes roads harder to drive. But it is considered the best time to learn driving. Taking driving classes from Durham driving school is a great idea. Durham driving instructors compose a customized plan for each student and teach them accordingly. Durham driving schools have professional and highly qualified trainers who teach driving lessons on how to get out of an uncertain driving situation, while safety should be the top concern. Learning lessons from Durham driving instructors will boost your confidence level, and on-road practice with a skilled trainer will improve your driving skills.

 As the winter season is here, you’ll get more time for on-road practice by well-trained instructors of Durham driving schools.