As you know, the winter season is yet to arrive in Canada, the citizens of Ajax, Ontario, will start perceiving cold nights and a lot of snow on the roads very soon. Because of the heavy snowfall, traveling in this area requires a driver who ensures the safety of himself and his passengers by following the traffic rules and safety measures. As the snow lessens the range of vision and increases the possibility of road slipperiness, it is necessary to know about all the safety tips required to avoid accidents.

Below are some tips to follow on snowy weather:

Slow down the speed

The mentioned speed limits on the roads are for the drivers to follow to avoid inconvenience. It conveys the message you should follow the provided guidelines during uncertain weather situations to maintain safety. If there is a reasonable amount of snow on the road, you should drive about half of the mentioned speed. 

For instance, you should drive about 60 mph in the light sprinkle of snow. If the snow covers the street, you should move about 30 mph or less than 30. It will help you avoid diving on ice and wet patches while driving. Minimize the speed even more if the snow is falling right away, as it lessens the visibility and makes it hard for you to avoid hurdles.

A driver should know about all the safety tips and knowledge of being a safe and responsible driver in any uncertain weather conditions. Taking driving lessons from well-experienced instructors makes a huge difference. The winter season is the well-chosen time to learn driving because it has the worst weather conditions. It is necessary to choose the top driving schools near Ajax.

Make a Survival Container

Have a backup plan always in case of an emergency.

Make sure to have a package containing survival appliances you need in cold weather.

Must-haves for your survival kit are a snow brush, first aid kit, warm clothes, rechargeable battery, water bottles, extra food, a flashlight, and medicines. The reason to have a survival kit is to ensure your safety, and it will help you a lot in many ways in snowy conditions. Keep the package in the trunk of your car, always.

Pay Heed and Be Attentive 

Remember that it takes more time to slow down the speed on snowy roads than on normal roads because tires can’t make a good grip on the road. It is necessary to look around further ahead to see other possible issues to remove the hurdles. It signifies that you should accelerate and decelerate your vehicle slowly rather than being in a hurry. Gentle movements will reduce the chance that your car will lose its control.

Get Winter Tires

Get winter tires at the starting of October or November. Winter tires aren’t the same as all-season tires. All-season tires loosen up their grip when the temperature goes below 7. The rubber material of winter tires is much softer than all-season tires. When the temperature goes below 7, all-season tires get inflexible and stubborn, and it’s the main reason vehicles slide on the ice, while winter tires remain flexible because they have a more aggressive pace. To reserve the tires, drivers should take off the tires at the starting of spring.

Which steps to follow in the winter season while driving, you should take professional help from the best institute.

Get lessons from highly qualified driving instructors in Ajax, from all the safety guidelines, traffic rules, road sign lessons, and boost your confidence. You will learn guidance about how to react against uncertain weather conditions like rainy weather, snowy roads, and many more.

Taking driving lessons from one of the top driving schools in Ajax will make you confident behind the wheel. Ajax driving instructors will allow you to feel safer and comfortable while driving.

How to get recover from Skids

Skidding is more likely to happen when the road is icy. Avoid driving on bridges, inclined surfaces, and shaded areas because they are more likely to freeze quickly and melt the ice slowly. If your vehicle begins to glide, be calm and do not bang the brakes. Move the car slowly. Concentrate on the direction you want to go, not the direction you’re heading because of the slide. Then, try to rotate the steering wheel gradually towards the skid. Push the brakes repeatedly when you need to stop or slow down the car and maintain a good grip on the ground.

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