When your teen is ready to get behind the wheel, it is necessary to set up some rules and regulations for the road apart from the traffic laws.

Points to consider are as follows:

Ban Distractions

Multitasking is a great idea but not good at all when you’re driving a car. Advise teens to avoid distractions like text messaging, making phone calls, or reading magazines. Offer them a substitute for these dreadful habits like checking the parking lot and setting for GPS before going to an unknown place. Make sure to be an example for your teen in the way you avoid distractions while driving.

Number of Passengers

Numerous states have minimized the number of passengers that teens can have when they’re driving. Remember the rules in your country and think about adding others according to your driving experience and other driving conditions expected to happen. As the teens start getting driving experience and comfort, it is okay to let them drive with friends but not too often. Driving school near Ajax provides the best training to the teens that helps them to become confident drivers.

Driving at Night

Driving at night is one of the driving situations every teen must learn. According to the research, accidents rates are three times greater than during the daytime. Driving in the night is riskier and unsafe than driving in the daylight. Mostly, accidents happen at night because drivers are drunk. Also, darkness reduces visibility so make sure to check all the lights. Use high beams while driving at night on an empty road with no street lights. Be patient always while driving a car in rush hour. It is vital to get nighttime driving lessons to be safe and to avoid accidents. One of the top driving schools in Ajax, Ontario, provides driving lessons to the new drivers that help them drive in several driving situations.

Don’t be in a hurry

According to the research, from 2015 to 2019, teenage drivers were involved in car crashes due to over speeding. Being too fast or in a hurry when you’re driving is irresponsible behavior and it increases the chances of an accident or car crash resulting in death or an injury. Make sure that your teen acknowledges the consequences of speeding and how it can put your life at risk, which results in a deadly car crash. Speeding is usually caused by a lack of driving skills and inexperience. It is necessary to teach teen drivers how to operate a car and manage speed depending on the traffic and how to maintain a safe distance from other drivers to avoid accidents. Car driving lessons in Ajax provide lessons that make your teen a skilled and well-trained driver.

Adverse weather conditions

Teen drivers should know about the unfavorable weather conditions every driver has to face. Like, in rainy weather, Slowing down the speed and maintaining a distance is necessary to avoid slipperiness. During nighttime driving, turning on the headlights and using high beams on the road with no streetlights is recommended to avoid accidents. While driving on an icy road, accelerate and decelerate smoothly, avoid skidding, get winter tires, and a survival kit is necessary to get home safely without any inconvenience.

Impaired Driving

Teen drivers shouldn’t be encouraged to drive under the influence of alcohol or a drug; also driving with someone drunk is a deadly mistake. Driving after alcohol consumption or drugs can result in severe accidents and lead to paralysis, deformity, mental deficiency, and even death. Impaired driving is considered a crime in numerous countries. Drunk drivers have to pay high fines for risking their and other’s lives.


Research says that 5,864 teen drivers ages between 15-20 were involved in a car accident and, 17,321 teen drivers died in car crashes. Most car crashes happen in teen drivers due to a lack of driving skill and being unaware of the driving knowledge. Before handing over the car keys to your teens, make sure they’re skilled enough to operate a car safely.

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