Driving is a skill that requires practice and learning it from a recognized driving school is recommended if you want to develop your skillset. Driving just isn’t enough; one must also learn to drive safely, which requires skills. As a driver, you ought to understand that safety is required when driving a vehicle.

If you are learning to drive, it is critical to understand how to grasp the steering wheel correctly and maintain a safe distance while being on the road and a recognized school like Next Gen Driving School can guide you in developing these skills successfully and efficiently. You will always be trained by professionals with extensive experience in the field of driving. It is always essential to have confidence while behind wheel, and that is precisely what you’d get from Next Gen driving school.

What Next Gen driving school Offers

  • For Beginner Driver Education (BDE) classes, we provide the best, most affordable, and most convenient driving lessons available.
  • Reduce the time it takes to pass the G2 road test to just 8 months by enrolling in one of our specialist courses, which are aimed to equip our students with the most useful information possible.
  • With the most qualified driving teachers in Oshawa Ontario, you will learn traffic rules and regulations, car manoeuvring methods, safety standards, and roadside emergency security.
  • Our well-designed courses include a combination of in-car driving lessons as well as observation sessions to help you reach your full potential as a driver.

Why should you choose Next Generation Driving School?

Our aim is to serve you in developing the necessary skills and experience that any driver, regardless of vehicle, should possess. Understanding everything there is to learn about driving and safety measures with the help of our trained teachers. Our MTO-approved driving instructors include one instruction to get you the experience and information you need to not only clear your road test but also to drive effectively and smoothly. At Next Gen Driving School, we tailor a curriculum to your specific needs in order to assist you to confront your hurdles. Get the opportunity to learn to drive at Ontario’s most respected driving school with teachers who will offer you their complete attention. At our school, you set your own time and learn when it is convenient for you.


Next Gen driving school offers an incredible opportunity to learn driving so what are you waiting for to get yourself enrolled at Next Gen driving school and start driving confidently with the training of our skillful trainers.